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Hello everybody, so here we are again with another review about a feature rich theme from ThemeForest by the authors Hogash (frontend) and ZoomIt (backend). Right from the start of the theme, you are amazed by the beautiful layout,graphics and photos of the theme. So, read our preview, comment it and feel free to say your opinion about this theme.
Author Hogash and ZoomIt
Marketplace Themeforest
Editor’s Choice
Trusted Author
Popular Theme

The package

The package provided by the two authors contains the following items:
  • the actual theme
  • the sample data
  • changelog.txt
  • documentation
  • psd graphics
So you’ll find in the package everything you need. Additionally, there is a dummy theme that warns the users in order to upload the correct file in the wordpress (the not the  


The installation is straight-forward like any WordPress theme. You just have to unpack the main package and upload the zip from the WordPress folder to your themes folder, so there are no special quirks here, which is good. After the install, the authors offer the posibility to “clone the preview” (install the sample data). After that you can start customizing the theme in the desired way, helped by the documentation and a nice video of the installation process.


The documentation is in html editor which is good – wide support, easy search and also well structured. Additionaly, there are some videos that will help you understand how the theme works and how it can be easily customized, so extra points here.
Picture 1


The theme seems very complex. There are custom headers, custom sidebars, a cool Drag & Drop Layout manager and other cool stuff. There are options on each post for custom header, custom footer, skin, exclude from search and custom layout which is very cool. The only note here is that I feel it’s a little too hard on beginners. There is a shortcode generator included, but it only works in Visual Editor mode, it would have been cool to work in Html Editor Mode too.


As mentioned from the theme description, support is done in a separate forum. Hogash and ZoomIt have a well organized and friendly-user support forum (img 1.1). In order to register you’ll have to apply for membership on the forum and complete the fields. The interesting thing that I liked about the registration part is one particular field that refers to the purchase code for the bought product, so if you’re not a customer you can’t reply on the forum (img 1.2). We’ve done a little research on how the support issues get resolved and how the forum is organized. The support site is a Vanilla Forums install. It has a friendly-user interface and once you’re logged in you can see your discussions or your bookmarks. Also, the feature that I liked the most on the forum is that it has a left-siderbar with the products categories which we’ll help you navigate easier and have a clearer view about the topics on the forum (img 1.3). We checked some support response time at random and it is good too. Nothing over 48 hours. Hogash has hired support staff and answers are precise (img 1.4).
img 1.1
Picture 3
img 1.2
Picture 4
img 1.3
Picture 5
img 1.4
Picture 6
You can submit your sites based on this theme for us to post it in the Showcase area by posting it in the comments section.


documentation [rating=6] support [rating=6] features [rating=6] user friendly [rating=6]
beautiful graphics and UI
buddypress, woocommerce support
icons and psds included
sample data
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    John Smith

    Great job, awesome and clear reviews!

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