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ZoomFolio – WordPress Portfolio Plugin

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DZS ZoomFolio is the ultimate plugin for displaying your creative portfolio to your clients and that’s not all. You can use it to show the recent posts from your blog or a gallery from your vacation. The possibilities are endless.
The backend helps you do just that in a easy way. Uses the WordPress’s Custom Post Types for you to create Portfolio items in the WordPress intuitive way. It’s based on shortcodes, but there is zero effort to understand how you customize it because there is a intuitive Shortcode Generator bundled that does just that for you.

Author ZoomIt
Marketplace CodeCanyon
Editor’s Choice
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The package

  • ZoomFolio WordPress plugin – get creative!
  • documentation – extensive documentation on how to install & configure the plugin
  • free updates – even if the value of this gallery increases with upcoming updates, you will get them for free
  • free support – for installation via the support board -> http://digitalzoomstudio.net/support/ this is the fastest form of support

So you’ll find in the package everything you need. Also, the Documentation in html which is good – wide support and easy search. As a personal notice, I also bought this plugin and used it in some of my work, and I can say it totally worth it.



The support is done in a separate forum. ZoomIt has a well organized and friendly-user support forum (img 1.1). In order to register you’ll have to apply for membership on the forum and complete the fields. The interesting thing that I liked about the registration part is one particular field that refers to the purchase code for the bought product, so if you’re not a customer you can’t reply on the forum (img 1.2).
We’ve done a little research on how the support issues get resolved and how the forum is organized.

The support site is a Vanilla Forums install. It has a friendly-user interface and once you’re logged in you can see your discussions or your bookmarks. Also, the feature that I liked the most on the forum is that it has a left-siderbar with the products categories which we’ll help you navigate easier and have a clearer view about the topics on the forum (img 1.3).

We checked some support response time at random and it is good too. Nothing over 48 hours. ZoomIt has hired support staff and answers are precise (img 1.4).

img 1.1

img 1.2

img 1.3

img 1.4


For updating, disable and delete the previous version, and install the new downloaded one. Or (recommended ) just unpack the zip you get from the download and overwrite the previous folder from wp-content/plugins/ via ftp.


Screenshots & Features

[advancedtabs width=0 settings_contentheight=0 design_tabsposition=top design_skin=skin-default design_transition=default][dzstab][dzstabmenu]


[/dzstabmenu][dzstabcontent needs_loading='on']




  • easy to install - install and get this plugin ready in less then one minutes.
  • responsive – looks great from mobile to HD
  • flexible – can be used to work as a Recent Posts showcase
  • shortcode generator – customize skins, categories to show and others via the shortcode generator
  • custom light box – be different from the others. This plugin uses all custom code to deliver the fitting experience.
  • CSS3 technology - this gallery uses cutting-edge css3 definitions to render awesome 3D effects in supporting browsers, the others will degrade gracefully
  • compatible with all major browsers, including IE – compatible from IE7 to IE10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • SEO friendly – built with search engine optimization on mind from the ground up, the Testimonial Rotator uses non hidden valid html markup to build the widget
  • iPhone / iPad optimized – this gallery has been optimized for Apple touch devices
  • Android optimized – this component has been tested on Android 4.0 and works awesome




documentation [rating=6]
support [rating=6]
features [rating=6]
user friendly [rating=6]

beautiful graphics and UI

wordpress support

compatible with all major browsers

iPhone / iPad / Android optimized


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